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31.03.11 Making the content man, the king of strategy


1960 Madison Avenue, New York – the ‘Mad Men’.  One of these men has a timeless, and often under appreciated job role… the copy man – writing good content to attract the customers attention and sell the product.

Roll forward fifty plus years, and who thinks about the content on your site – how do you plan for good sales copy and clear messaging? Both are factors which done well will score an SEO and customer win for your business. Do you have a communications or PR agency monitoring your site? Do you think about it at all?

There are lot’s of urban myths about how best to use content to affect SEO for your site , but here’s a fact – content strategy, or simply put ‘good content’, starts at home, and the best SEO is simply good content. Not only will this improve your sites Google rank, but done well it should also be improving the readers (your customers!) experience.

Here are my top 5 tips to growing your own great SEO, and improving the readability of your posts:

  • Think about what you are writing, and not how many keywords there are in the first paragraph, write well and not only will Google like you, but your readers will too!
  • Write something definitive, and be the best. If your subject is ‘Growing a Cactus’ aim to be the best post on the internet about Cactus Growing, and think about the things to include that would make people read AND link to your post.
  • Think about your post title, and keep the title tight. This will mean when other writers describe, and link to, your post, they will be using the same or similar keywords as your title. Google will like the relevance of this.
  • Write, edit, re-write. Write your post and then take some time to edit it (maybe print it and edit by hand, or get someone else to read it). Check for relevance and distraction – stay on topic and conclude or close your post well. There’s nothing worse that losing your track in a post that rambles…
  • Make it easy to read. If your post is long – pages long, remember to make it easy for the reader to pick out the key points. The average person can read approx 250 words a minute (that’s about a normal page) so think about the length of the post and how long you expect the reader to spend. For long posts, highlight the key facts, and provide section titles, so it’s easier for readers to scan, and still come to the same conclusion as someone who has read in detail.

You company’s content planning can start at home – follow some golden rules to ensure you can deliver great results.

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